Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Another update on songs for atheism (with apologies for my negligence!)

Dave H. has just reminded me that I failed to follow up on my second post about songs for atheism - which is very bad of me because several people were kind enough to make suggestions. So without further ado, here we go:

Prepagan suggests "Beyond Belief" by Elvis Costello:

And "(What's so Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" by Brinsley Schwartz (a new one on me!):
Secularokie suggests Grinderman's "Heathen Child":
..."In the Beginning" by Todd Snider (I love this)...
... Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" (apologies for the ad on this one, if anyone can find a decent one without that please post the link below!)...
... and Hayes Carll "She Left Me for Jesus":
Jeremystyrondotcom suggests Tool's "Eulogy":
"Innocent" by Our Lady Peace:
"Adia" by Sarah McLachlan:
...and "Megalomaniac" by Incubus:
Tyler V submits Pearl Jam's "Unthought Known" (to be fair, that's a shout):
And Dave H. himself suggests "God" by Tori Amos:
... Chris Smither's "Origin of Species":
... a medley by Susan Werner:
...Steve Martin's "First Hymnal for Atheists" (or "Atheist Song", I'm not sure) - I actually heard this ages ago and forgot about it, so thank you Dave!
... and "The Christians and the Pagans" by Dar Williams:
... and I would like to suggest anything by Jonny Berliner; here's an example, but you can also visit his website  here - have a look, he's a great musician and very funny too.


  1. The american band 'wilderness road' did a
    Hilarious satire of christian fundamentalist radio that i last heard on the john peel show in the 70s.
    Hosted by 'reverend ej corvette' who i think suggested putting your fingers in a light socket so you could feel the ' divine electricity of the lord filling your soul'

  2. Jay Brannan - Goddamned

    1. Jonathan Coulton - The World Belongs To You

      Jonathan Coulton - That Spells DNA

  3. Thanks Lucy. I really like the Solomon Burke song/video--hadn't heard that one before. One of your readers mentioned Todd Snider. For a fully lived life, one must see Todd at least once in a medium sized bar (not in an auditorium show or outside concert, which are a good deal shorter and of course far less intimate than his barroom gigs) while drinking 2 or 3 beers.

  4. If no one else has mentioned it, I'd like to add Sarah McLachlan's "Dear God."


    BTW - I recently found your blog and have yet to read an uninteresting post. Great work!

  5. You can't forget Rush - listen to both 'Freewill' and 'Faithless'.

  6. I can think of a few from the Punk/Metal/Hard Rock genre:

    Motörhead - God Was Never On Your Side
    Danzig - Mother (Powerful song about childhood indoctrination)
    Sick Of It All - Scratch the Surface (My personal favorite skepticism anthem)
    Heaven Shall Burn - Biogenesis (Undo Creation)
    Her Nightmare - No Heaven, No Hell

    The last two are a bit extreme musically, but hey, they belong here.

  7. I would like to suggest

    Roy Zimmerman - Creation science 101
    John Lennon - Imagine
    Regina Spektor - Laughing with (it's a multilayered song, certainly not clearly atheistic, but it's on the topic)

    Great idea to make this collection!