Monday, 17 October 2011

A note about Poes

I keep getting dragged in recently by the admin of  a group n Facebook called "It's a proven fact that atheism is a mental disorder".  I can't work out whether the guy's sincerely out of his mind, or an extremely clever Poe.  If he IS a Poe he's a good one, because he hasn't yet strayed into the territory of just completely making shit up to sound as mental as possible, which is how most Poes give themselves away.  I'm not the only one; the guy must be asked about once a day if he's a Poe, and it seems to really annoy him. Well, you know what I mean - either he gets really annoyed about it or he pretends to.

A point I like to make to believers in these circumstances is that if SO MANY people think they're a Poe, that should worry them.  If your beliefs are so indistinguishable from the insane shit people come up with when pretending to be a psychotic zealot, that's a ma-HU-ssive comment on your beliefs, and one that should make you think for a moment.

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