Friday, 16 September 2011

A video I WISH I'd seen as a kid

Just a quick plug for the brilliant NonStampCollector's channel on youtube; the below is a video I particularly love, and one that I sincerely wish I had seen as a child because I think it would have reduced the time I spent not quite daring to think Jebus wasn't all that after all (well... youtube would have had to exist when I was a child for that to work, but wishing by its nature tends to be impractical). It sounds silly to say it now, but even seeing this video in my twenties, it came as a bit of a jolt; of all the problems with religion I'd identified for myself, I'd completely overlooked the trivial and unimpressive nature of the "miracles". I'd like to say that was something to do with the fact that I was examining religion from the outside and was therefore not too concerned with the minutiae of its internal tenets, but given how much time I spend mocking believers specifically using the minutiae of their religion's internal tenets, I don't think I even buy that myself. Yup - just missed it.

Anyway, I wholeheartedly recommend this video and NonStampCollector's videos in general; his "Special Investigation" videos are very funny too.  Take a look!

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